Tvorba loga

We think, draft, design
  • Uncompromisingly
    original logos

  • Without using

  • A complete
    graphic manual

  • A full
    corporate style

  • All kinds of
    press materials

About us

all significant facts about the *tvorba loga project


We only create logos with meaning!

Sometimes a double meaning, but here you'll never see a "fairground" kind of logo design worth a few pennies.
Our references are proof of that.


Our logos also use


(Partner of Nápadroku)


Centrum Holdings
(advertising system adFOX)


Our experience and comprehensiveness

  • Along with a logotype, Minion - an interactive agency,
    will also design your full web presentation.
    What good would a logo by itself be to you
    without showing it online to the world?
  • The logo creation project by Minion Interactive
    (a member of a MITON -,,… group)
    has been fully to your service with its creativity and originality
    for over 10 years.
  • We will not only create an original logo for you,
    but we can also provide all related graphic design work,
    design your corporate identity
    and arrange the entire printing process of graphic features.


Range of references

  • automotive
  • sailing boats
  • golf
  • education
  • it + telco
  • costume jewellery
  • pharmaceutics
  • what's your field?


our best projects and examples of their practical applications

We create top quality, trendy, and above all, individual logos.

Besides large multinationals, our logo creation clients also include small and medium-size businesses.
With our empathy, we are able to meet any requirements you have. Find out for yourselves!

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Price list

Investing in a logotype will pay off manyfold

The price of designing and creating a logo, logo manual or corporate identity is a highly individual matter.

Requirements and ideas vary from client to client, and therefore we do not show any specific prices here.

Several price advantages:

  • brand

    More than 12 years
    of experience and over
    60 reference projects
    speak for themselves.
  • originality
    and difference

    With all the information
    available you do not have to
    worry about getting mixed up
    with someone else.
  • 2-3 designs
    are ideal

    It is better to choose
    from three great designs
    than twenty disastrous ones.
  • personal

    It is very important
    to join ideas and achieve
    a 100% result.
  • output

    We will prepare your logo
    in such a way that you can
    use it in the real, as well
    as digital, world.


make an inquiry about a logo and never look back

Are you interested in having your own original logo, logo manual or corporate identity created?

Fill out a short form for a non-binding inquiry and we'll get back to you.


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